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Fig. 3

From: DNA methylation alterations in iPSC- and hESC-derived neurons: potential implications for neurological disease modeling

Fig. 3

Genome-wide expression analysis. a Pairwise correlation plots (Pearson correlation, genome-wide expression analysis) of hESC- and iPSC-derived NSC and neurons display high correlation coefficients (black: hES-NSC vs. iPS-NSC, blue: hES-Neurons vs. iPS-Neurons) and minimal interclonal variance (orange: comparison of iPS-NSC clone 1, clone 2, and clone 3; red: comparison of iPS-Neurons clone 1, clone 2, and clone 3). b Hierarchical analysis demonstrates clustering of iPS-Neurons and hES-Neurons and clustering of iPS-NSC together with hES-NSC. Height 0.02 displays a similarity of 98% in gene expression levels

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