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Fig. 1

From: The signature of liver cancer in immune cells DNA methylation

Fig. 1

Correlation between quantitative distribution of site-specific DNA methylation levels and progression of HCC. a A genome wide view (IGV genome browser) of the escalating differences in DNA methylation from healthy controls (delta beta) in 3924 CG sites whose quantitative levels of methylation correlate with HCC progression (r > 0.8, r < − 0.8; delta beta > 0.2, < − 0.2; p < 10−7) in PBMC from HCC and hepatitis B and C patients. HepB-Hepatitis B; HepC-Hepatitis C; CAN1-stage 1 HCC; CAN2- Stage 2 HCC: CAN3- Stage 3 HCC; CAN4-Stage 4 HCC. b Box plot of DNA methylation delta beta values of the 3924 CG sites whose levels of methylation correlate significantly (p < 10−7) with HCC progression. Sites that are hypomethylated relative to healthy control during progression of HCC (upper panel) and sites that are hypermethylated relative to healthy controls (bottom panel) are shown separately. c Heat map of hierarchical clustering using one minus Pearson correlation of 69 people by DNA methylation beta values of the 3924 CG sites

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