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Fig. 2

From: Epigenetic regulation of AXL and risk of childhood asthma symptoms

Fig. 2

Illustration of epigenetic marks in AXL gene-body region (yellow box) and CpG sites (red and green bars) in multiple cell lines. This region contains a putative enhancer in IMR90 fetal lung fibroblast cells (light green in chromHMM track) and adult CD4 Naïve Primary cells (yellow in chromHMM track) and is adjacent to a putative enhancer in NHLF adult lung fibroblast cells (light green in chromHMM track). There are also transcription factor binding sites located within this region in all three cell lines from ChIP-Seq input. This region is enriched with epigenetic marks for poised enhancer (indicated by H3K4me1), active enhancer (indicated by H3K27ac), and active transcription (green in chromHMM track). CpG site 1: cg27579501; CpG site 2: cg00360107; CpG site 3: cg19270050; CpG site 4: cg24901063; CpG site 5: cg26521562. IMR90: fetal lung fibroblast cell; NHLF: normal adult lung fibroblast cell; CD4 Naïve Primary cells: obtained from adult blood

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