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Table 2 CpG sites whose methylation are controlled by gout-associated GWAS SNPs

From: DNA hypomethylation of a transcription factor binding site within the promoter of a gout risk gene NRBP1 upregulates its expression by inhibition of TFAP2A binding

GWAS SNP CpG Chromosome SNP position (hg19) CpG position (hg19) Gene close to the CpG site P value (geno vs. meth)
rs780093 cg05102552 chr2 27742603 27650867 NRBP1 3.13E−12
rs13129697 cg00071950 chr4 9926967 10020882 SLC2A9 3.87E−12
rs3775948 cg00071950 chr4 9997112 10020882 SLC2A9 < 2E−16
rs717615 cg00071950 chr4 10104670 10020882 SLC2A9 < 2E−16
rs1165205 cg15691649 chr6 25870542 25882328 SLC17A3 < 2E−16
rs505802 cg19131476 chr11 64357072 64387923 NRXN2 < 2E−16