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Table 4 Multiple range test did not show significant differences in the generated score between OSCC group and HGSIL group. Both groups showed significant higher values whether considering healthy donors or considering contralateral mucosa. Multiple range test showed a statistical difference between contralateral mucosa of OSCC and HGSIL patients and healthy donors

From: CpG location and methylation level are crucial factors for the early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma in brushing samples using bisulfite sequencing of a 13-gene panel

Method: 95.0% LSD
Pathology Count Mean Homogeneous groups
 Healthy donors 65 −1.586 C
 Distant mucosa in OSCC patients 30 −0.444399 B
 OSCC 29 2.66856 A
 HGSIL 6 2.71892 A
Contrast Sig. Difference ± limits
 OSCC–HGSIL   −0.0503633 0.983538
 OSCC–distant mucosa in OSCC patients * 3.11296 0.571081
 OSCC–healthy donors * 4.25456 0.489711
 HGSIL–distant mucosa in OSCC patients * 3.16332 0.980724
 HGSIL–healthy donors * 4.30492 0.935683
 Distant mucosa in OSCC patients–healthy donors * 1.1416 0.484034
  1. *Statistically significant difference