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Table 1 The clinical characteristic of AML patients (n = 12)

From: Cooperative effect of chidamide and chemotherapeutic drugs induce apoptosis by DNA damage accumulation and repair defects in acute myeloid leukemia stem and progenitor cells

No. Age/sex Disease status FAB subtype WBC count(×109/l) Karyotype Molecular features LDH
1 48/M Refractory M0 4.11 46,XY EGR1,CBFβ,MYH1,TP53 High
2 48/F Refractory M2b 5.0 46,XY AML1/ETO Normal
3 18/F Refractory M5b 39.79 46,XY NPM1,TET2,ASXL1 Normal
4 26/F Relapse M0 124.7 46,XY FLT3-ITD Normal
5 52/F Refractory M2 1.54 Complex MLL,EGFR Normal
6 25/F Refractory M1 6.6 46,XY CEBPa High
7 46/F Relapse M2 37.85 46,XX,t(8,21) AML1/ETO High
8 23/M Relapse M0 1.97 46,XX AML1/ETO Normal
9 30/M Refractory M0 93.13 46,XX,t(8,21) CBFβ,MYH1 High
10 42/M Relapse M2 33.48 Complex c-kit High
11 26/M Refractory M5b 5.37 Complex CEBPa, MLL High
12 54/M Relapse M4eo 79.0 Complex CEBPa,KMT3A Normal
  1. M man, F female, FAB French-American-Britain, WBC white blood cell, LDH lactic dehydrogenase