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Fig. 3

From: ZAR1 is a novel epigenetically inactivated tumour suppressor in lung cancer

Fig. 3

ZAR1 promoter hypermethylation in primary lung tumours and summary of ZAR1 methylation. ZAR1 promoter methylation was studied by COBRA assay in primary lung tumours of SCLC and NSCLC samples and in normal control tissue. SCLC tumour samples were abbreviated SC and control tissue N (a). NSCLC tumour samples were abbreviated LT (lung tumours) and control tissue LN. LN1, LN3 and LN39 were matching samples to tumour samples LT1, LT3 and LT39 (b). CpG island region from the ZAR1 promoter was amplified from bisulfite-treated DNA and digested with TaqI. Digestion products indicate ZAR1 promoter methylation. Digestion products were separated on 2% TBE agarose gel with 100 bp marker (m methylated, um unmethylated, pos. positive control, + TaqI-digested, − mock digested). c Summary of ZAR1 promoter methylation in lung cancer cell lines and primary lung tumours is shown (Fisher exact test)

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