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Table 4 Validated gene targets of hsa-miR-451a & hsa-miR-663a and GO Biological Processes Key Words

From: Pulmonary microRNA profiling: implications in upper lobe predominant lung disease

Gene ID Name GO Biological Process Key Words
miR-451a gene targets
 MIF (Macrophage migration inhibitory factor) Immunity, inflammatory response, innate immunity
 BCL2 (B cell lymphoma 2) apoptosis
 CAB39 (calcium binding protein 39) cell cycle arrest
 ABCB1 (Multidrug resistance protein 1) transport
 AKT1 (RAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinase) apoptosis
 MMP-2 (Matrix metalloproteinase 2) angiogenesis, collagen degradation
 MMP-9 (Matrix metalloproteinase 9) collagen degradation
 RAB14 (RAS-related protein Rab-14) protein transport, transport
 RAB5A (RAS-related protein Rab-5A) endocytosis, phagocytosis
 IL6R (IL6 Receptor) cytokine mediated signaling pathway
miR-663a gene targets
 JUNB (jun B proto-oncogene) transcription, transcriptional regulation
 JUND (jun D proto-oncogene) transcription, transcriptional regulation
 KLF4 (Kruppel-like factor 4) transcription, transcriptional regulation
 FOSB (FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene) transcription regulation (AP1)
 SLC7A5 (solute carrier family 7, member 5) amino acid transport (lung)
 NAV2 (neuron navigator 2) helicase, hydrolase
 CEBPB (CCAAT/enhancer binding protein, beta) transcription, transcriptional regulation
 HSPG2 (heparin sulfate proteoglycan 2-perecan) angiogenesis, (basement membrane)
 CDK1 (cyclin-dependent kinase 1) apoptosis, cell cycle & division, mitosis
 TGFB (transforming growth factor beta) inflammatory response