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Table 2 Differentially expressed MicroRNAs comparing upper lung and lower lung AM

From: Pulmonary microRNA profiling: implications in upper lobe predominant lung disease

microRNA ID Expression change logFC P value
 Upper vs. lowera
  hsa-miR-30e-5p Increase 0.313 0.018
  hsa-miR-4454 Decrease −0.986 0.032
  hsa-miR-4443 Decrease −0.757 0.003
 Upper lobe MOb
  hsa-miR-664a-3p Decrease −0.498 0.005
 Lower lobe MOb
  hsa-miR-30e-5p Increase 0.412 0.015
  hsa-miR-93-5p Increase 0.306 0.036
  hsa-miR-4454 Decrease −1.057 0.019
  hsa-miR-22-3p Decrease −0.540 0.007
  1. microRNA ID = official microRNA name according to miRBASE v21; logFC = log2 fold change in macrophages from upper lobe vs. lower lobe
  2. P value = the unadjusted P value from the statistical test (paired analysis)
  3. aUpper lobe AM vs. lower lobe AM
  4. b21%O2 vs. 5% O2