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Fig. 2

From: Pulmonary microRNA profiling: implications in upper lobe predominant lung disease

Fig. 2

Divergent microRNA expression from isolated microvesicles/exosomes of BAL Fluid - Right Upper Lobe (RUL) vs. Right Lower Lobe (RLL). Microvesicles/exosomes in BAL fluid visualized via negative stain electron microscopy with a JEOL TEM1010 transmission electron microscope (a + b) (scale bar in nanometers). Individual microRNAs in BAL with highest log2 fold change RUL vs. RLL BAL fluid: miR-451a (c) (P = 0.039) & miR-663a (d) (P = 0.005). Each line represents directional change in individual samples (total n = 16). Volcano plot of microRNA expression differences (log2 fold change) from BAL samples (e). Scatterplot of ddPCR with Taqman assays and NanoString counts ofmicroRNA-451a, coefficient reported from Spearman correlation (f) (rho = 0.7038) (P < 0.003)

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