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Fig. 1

From: Epigenetic assays for chemical biology and drug discovery

Fig. 1

AlphaLISA® histone deacetylate assay that detects Histone H3-K9(Ac) or Histone H3-K27(Ac). The acetylated histones are detected using a biotinylated anti-H3 antibody and AlphaLISA®-acceptor beads conjugated specific to the acetylated lysine. Streptavidin-donor beads then capture the biotinylated antibody, bringing the acceptor and donor beads into proximity. Upon laser irradiation of the donor beads at 680 nm, short-lived singlet oxygen molecules produced by the donor beads can reach the acceptor beads in proximity to generate an amplified chemiluminescent signal at 615 nm

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