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Fig. 1

From: 36 h fasting of young men influences adipose tissue DNA methylation of LEP and ADIPOQ in a birth weight-dependent manner

Fig. 1

Study design. Overview of the study activities and time periods of fasting shown in both the fasting study and the control study. 21 LBW and 18 NBW men participated in the 36-h fasting study intervention. A subset of 7 LBW and 6 NBW men from the 36-h fasting study also participated in the control study intervention. Further 1 LBW and 2 NBW men also participated in the control study only with biopsy collections. Abbreviations: LBW low birth weight, NBW normal birth weight, DXA scan dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan, IVGTT intravenous glucose tolerance test

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