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Table 1 Demographic information

From: Regional differences in mitochondrial DNA methylation in human post-mortem brain tissue

Individual Age at death (years) Age at bloods sampled (years) Post-mortem delay (hours) Gender
1 82 79 43 Female
2 92 N/A 17 Female
3 78 78 10 Male
  1. MeDIP-seq data was available from post-mortem brain samples obtained from three individuals free of any neuropathology and neuropsychiatric disease. Data was available for five different regions of the cortex (Brodmann areas (BA) 8, 9 and 10, superior temporal gyrus (STG), entorhinal cortex (ECX), the cerebellum (CER) and pre-mortem blood (BLD). MeDIP-seq data was available for all individuals from cortical and cerebellar samples; however, blood MeDIP-seq data was not available for individual 2. Data is freely available to download from