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Fig. 3

From: LINE-1 is preferentially hypomethylated within adenomatous polyps in the presence of synchronous colorectal cancer

Fig. 3

LINE-1 methylation levels in normal tissue from patients without CRC (N = 8), polyps from patients without and with CRC (N = 45, N = 32, respectively), normal tissue from patients with CRC (N = 32), and tumor tissue (N = 32). LINE-1 methylation in polyps from cancer patients was significantly lower than in polyps from non-cancer patients (p < 0.001). LINE-1 was also hypomethylated in tumor tissue compared to normal tissue (p < 0.001). Normal tissue from non-cancer patients showed the highest LINE-1 methylation levels (least hypomethylation) compared to polyps (p < 0.001), non-malignant tissue (p < 0.001), and tumor (p < 0.001). Inset: dot plot of LINE-1 methylation levels. All comparisons of means were performed by independent t test

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