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Table 3 Performance of diagnostic models

From: Epigenome-wide discovery and evaluation of leukocyte DNA methylation markers for the detection of colorectal cancer in a screening setting

Model Matched sample BLITZ population
Screening setting   
Risk-factors-only model 0.43 (0.29,0.55) 0.68 (0.57,0.76)
Markers-only model 0.69 (0.55,0.82) 0.74 (0.57,0.87)
Full model 0.69 (0.54,0.83) 0.76 (0.61,0.87)
Clinical setting   
Risk-factors-only model 0.45 (0.35,0.54) 0.74 (0.70,0.77)
Markers-only model 0.73 (0.63,0.83) 0.78 (0.66,0.88)
Full model 0.73 (0.61,0.82) 0.81 (0.71,0.88)
  1. Mean and 95% confidence intervals of c-statistics. Values for “BLITZ population” represent a weighting of participants from the matched sample to achieve similar distribution of risk factors as in the BLITZ population. The three models are: (i) risk-factors-only model including sex and age; (ii) markers-only model, including methylation levels of the three identified biomarkers; and (iii) full model, combining both risk factors and markers