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Table 2 Summary of key epigenetic modifications found in MM and their therapeutic agent when available

From: Epigenetic strategies to reverse drug resistance in heterogeneous multiple myeloma

Cancer cells Epigenetic target/pathway Epigenetic alteration Therapeutic agent Reference
Gastric PTCH-1/HH Hypermethylation 5-AZA [85]
Liver, pancreatic HHIP/HH Hypermethylation   [85]
MM JAG-2/Notch Hyperacetylation   [88]
MB HES1/Notch miRNA-199b-5p 5-AZA [89]
Colon Notch1/Notch miRNA-34a   [90]
MM β-catenin/Wnt Hypermethylation   [94]
MM E-cadherin/Wnt miRNA-23A   [16]
MM HDACs acetylation PNB [147]
MM HDAC6 acetylation RCL [143]
  1. 5-AZA 5-azacytidine, MB medulloblastoma, MM multiple myeloma, PNB panobinostat, RCL ricolinostat