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Fig. 1

From: Individual CpG sites that are associated with age and life expectancy become hypomethylated upon aging

Fig. 1

Correlation of predicted age with chronological age. Epigenetic age predictions based on the 99 CpGs of the Weidner predictor [17] were plotted against chronological age for a 864 DNAm profiles of the discovery set and b 1000 DNAm profiles of the validation set of the ESTHER cohort. The distribution of chronological age and predicted age with the three aging models described by Weidner et al. [17], Hannum et al. [16], and Horvath [15] is demonstrated c for the discovery set and d for the validation set. Age predictions by the Hannum predictor were overall overestimated by 5.5 and 6.5 years, respectively

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