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Fig. 6

From: Aberrant DNA hypermethylation-silenced SOX21-AS1 gene expression and its clinical importance in oral cancer

Fig. 6

Ectopic SOX21-AS1 expression affected cell growth in oral cancer cells. a Schema of the expression constructs (pCMV-SOX21-AS1, pCMV-SOX21-AS1-exon1, and pCMV-SOX21-AS1-exon2, respectively). b Relative levels of SOX21-AS1, exons 1 and 2, in the SAS cells were analyzed using real-time PCR after transiently transfecting pCMV, pCMV-SOX21-AS1, pCMV-SOX21-AS1-exon1, and pCMV-SOX21-AS1-exon2, sequentially. c, d Colony formation assays were used to examine the SAS cell colonies after transient transfection with the expression constructs for 2 weeks. Cell photographs of a representative experiment are shown, and the graph was quantified using Ascent. Data are reported as colonies compared with control (means ± SD). eh The migration and invasion ability were assessed using the transwell assay in SAS cells. After transfection for 24 h, cells were subjected to the transwell assay for 48 h. Cells were then stained with crystal violet solution, and the numbers of migrating cells were quantified by counting three fields under a phase-contrast microscope

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