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Fig. 1

From: Intra-individual changes in DNA methylation not mediated by cell-type composition are correlated with aging during childhood

Fig. 1

Age-dependent DNA methylation is partially mediated by CTC variability. a Manhattan plot of p values from the lme test. Each point represents a CpG (n = 635 899) with the chromosomal position along the x-axis and the negative logarithm of the associated p value on the y-axis. Dashed line represents the FDR (blue) at 5 %. The aDMPs significant after adjustment for CTC are marked in red (n = 21, which overlaps with the 346 CpGs) and green (n = 5, additional CpGs). b Illustration of the division of the total effect (TE) between age and DNA methylation in the direct effect (DE) illustrated by the arrow between age and DNA methylation and the indirect effect (ID) represented by the dashed arrows from age to CTC and from CTC to DNA methylation. c Quantile-quantile plot of the p values for tests of the TE between age and DNA methylation (in blue) and the DE between age and DNA methylation (in green). This plot indicates an enrichment of small p values for the test of the TE compared to the DE

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