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Fig. 1

From: Genome-wide placental DNA methylation analysis of severely growth-discordant monochorionic twins reveals novel epigenetic targets for intrauterine growth restriction

Fig. 1

Genome-wide unsupervised hierarchical clustering. Correlation between global DNA methylation patterns involving 399,118 autosomal CpGs was highest between co-twins for 7/8 discordant twin pairs, with the twin pair 5063D being the only exception. This suggests that IUGR is not associated with genome-wide DNA methylation changes. Monozygosity was molecularly confirmed for all twin pairs. Pearson correlation with average linkage was used as the clustering metric, with the scale shown on the right. Samples 4273D, 5264D, 5063D, and 5321D overlap with samples from a previous study [12]

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