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Table 1 Content of Review Series "Epi-Drugs: from chemistry via biology to medicine and back"

From: Epigenetic drugs: from chemistry via biology to medicine and back

Content of Special Issue Clinical Epigenetics:
Epigenetic drugs- from chemistry via biology to medicine and back
I. General introduction to epigenetic drugs and ongoing actions
1. A short general statement to introduce this series of reviews
2. An overview of EPICHEMBIO COST action
II. Old targets, new drugs
3. DNMT inhibitors
4. HDAC inhibitors
5. SirT modulators
III. Novel epigenetic targets and new drugs
6. HAT inhibitors
7. BRD hitting drugs
8. Histone methyltransferases and demethylases
9. EZH2
10. LSD
11. Multi-Target epidrugs
IV. Status of animal studies, potential clinical applications/current trials
12. Oncology, solid cancers Prostate
13. Onco-Hematological
14. The case of MM
15. Metabolic dysregulations
16. Neurodegenerations/ageing
17. Regenerative Medicine
VI. Where to take it from here: (off)target identification and validation approaches
18. Studying epigenetic complexes and their inhibitors with the proteomics toolbox
19. Epigenetic assays for chemical biology and drug discovery
20. New technologies basic/clinical epigenomics