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Fig. 1

From: Dynamic interplay between locus-specific DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation regulates distinct biological pathways in prostate carcinogenesis

Fig. 1

Locus-specific differential distribution of methylation and hydroxymethylation in normal prostate versus prostate cancer cell lines. Linear representation of hMeSeal-seq (top) and MBD-seq (bottom) peaks in representative normal prostate (RWPE-1) or prostate cancer (22Rv1) cells across the representative gene RasGEF domain family, member 1a (RASGEF1A). Top: generalized and locus-specific hypohydroxymethylation in 22Rv1. Blue boxes indicate representative regions exhibiting strong hydroxymethylation peaks in RWPE-1 and weak or absent hydroxymethylation peaks in 22Rv1. Asterisk indicates hydroxymethylated region validated by hMeSeal-qPCR testing. Bottom: locus-specific differential methylation between cell lines. Red boxes indicate representative regions showing strong methylation peaks in 22Rv1 and weaker peaks in RWPE-1. Note that certain regions also exhibit locus-specific methylation in RWPE-1 and not in 22Rv1

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