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Fig. 3

From: Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression defines molecular characteristics of Crohn’s disease-associated fibrosis

Fig. 3

Bisulfite sequencing validation of differentially methylated WNT2B and PTGIS in fibrotic versus control HIF. a On the left, UCSC genome browser capture showing the MiGS read depth for three CD fibrotic (CD) and three control colon (NL) samples that shows the WNT2B promoter DMR and adjacent flanking regions. The range for the methylation counts (y-axis) for all samples in the UCSC genome browser was set at 0 to 150. The solid black box underneath the browser screen capture shows the location of the yes/no DMR region called from the MiGS data. On the right, targeted bisulfite sequencing validation of a region overlapping the DMR as indicated by the rectangle over the genome browser tracks. Dark circles indicate methylated and open circles unmethylated cytosines. Each row consists of a single sequenced clone. b MiGS data and targeted bisulfite sequencing illustrated as in (a) for PTGIS. The y-axis scale for all samples in the browser capture was set at 0 to 75 reads

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