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Fig. 6

From: Identification of the epigenetic reader CBX2 as a potential drug target in advanced prostate cancer

Fig. 6

Clinical analysis of CBX2 and CBX2-regulated genes in the MSKCC prostate adenocarcinoma cohort. a Heatmap showing the expression of the 544 genes differentially expressed after knocking-down CBX2. Here, only the 140 patients with gene expression data are shown. The columns (patients) were sorted based on CBX2 expression (red: high expression, blue: low expression). Metastatic prostate cancer patients had significantly higher CBX2; b CBX2 expression correlated with the expression of the differently expressed genes; c CBX2 expression distribution across the 140 patients. Here, we used a CBX2 expression threshold of 2 to call CBX2 up-regulation since there was a natural gap around expression value of 2; d Patients with CBX2 expression up-regulation had significantly lower disease-free survival

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