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Fig. 2

From: Identification of the epigenetic reader CBX2 as a potential drug target in advanced prostate cancer

Fig. 2

Hormonal regulation of CBX2. a Establishment of the LTL313B/LTL313BR patient-derived xenograft model of CRPC; b Assessment of CBX2 mRNA levels in the LTL313B/LTL313BR xenograft model by qRT-PCR; c IHC staining of CBX2 in the LTL313B and LTL313BR xenografts ×20. Images are representative of multiple fields taken from two independent experiments; d Levels of CBX2 mRNA in androgen-dependent (AD, n = 10) and androgen-independent (AI, n = 5) PDXs from the LTL; e Relative CBX2 expression in PCa cell lines compared to benign control (BPH1) assessed by qRT-PCR; f CBX2 mRNA levels in LNCaP cells cultured in charcoaled-stripped media in the presence or absence of DHT supplementation (10 nM)

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