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Fig. 6

From: H3K4 tri-methylation breadth at transcription start sites impacts the transcriptome of systemic lupus erythematosus

Fig. 6

TFBS enrichment of H3K4me3 patterns. a The enrichment of TFBSs was different between TSSs with different H3K4me3 patterns. The enrichment was spread across a broader region at TSSs with non-narrow H3K4me3 peaks, suggesting that TF binding plays a role in maintaining H3K4me3 breadth. Matches to 2414 known protein-binding motifs were searched within the −1 to 1 kb region around TSSs. We found that 340 motifs were enriched by at least 20 % at TSS with H3K4me3. The average enrichment of these motifs was plotted separately for each H3K4me3 pattern. b The UP00408 motif of GABPA was highly enriched at TSSs with narrow H3K4me3 peaks

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