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Fig. 1

From: DNA-methylation in C1R is a prognostic biomarker for acute myeloid leukemia

Fig. 1

DNA-methylation at C1R has prognostic relevance in AML. a Scheme for selection of the relevant CpG site. b For Kaplan-Meier (K-M) estimation of overall survival (OS) in 194 AML patients, [9] the DNAm levels for each of the 390,000 CpGs were stratified by their median DNAm level. The Manhattan plot demonstrates that the 60 CpGs with adjusted P < 0.05 (dashed line) are distributed over different chromosomes. c Beta-value distribution at the CpG site cg08799922 (C1R) in 656 healthy controls (GSE40279) [19] and 194 AML samples (TCGA) [9]. d K-M plot of TCGA samples classified by median DNAm level at cg08799922 (C1R; median DNAm level 27 %; P < 0.0001). e Beta-value distribution of DNAm in C1R of 10 healthy controls and 62 cytogenetic normal AML (CN-AML) samples (GSE58477) [13]. f Validation of prognostic relevance of cg08799922 for OS in this dataset (P < 0.009; classified by DNAm level of 27 %). g Beta-value distribution of DNAm in C1R of 40 healthy controls and 84 AML samples analyzed by pyrosequencing. h K-M plot of these AML samples upon classification by 27 % DNAm level at the relevant CpG site in C1R (P < 0.012)

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