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Fig. 3

From: Nrf2 status affects tumor growth, HDAC3 gene promoter associations, and the response to sulforaphane in the colon

Fig. 3

Antitumor activity of dietary SFN in Nrf2+/+ and Nrf2−/+ mice. a Nrf2+/+ (WT) or Nrf2−/+ mice were injected i.p. with DMH (20 mg/kg), once per week for 8 weeks (arrows). One week after completing the carcinogen treatment, mice were continued on standard AIN93 diet (−SFN) or AIN93 diet containing 400 ppm SFN (+SFN). b Total tumor burden/mouse indicates the sum of individual tumor volumes after 35 weeks, plotted for each animal; dotted line represents the mean value in each group; P < 0.05 as indicated by the asterisk. c Relative mRNA expression levels of Nrf2 normalized to the β-actin gene, Actb. Data = mean ± SD (n = 3)

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