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Table 2 Cellular miRs differentially expressed in human diabetic and healthy tissue, or in human cell lines exposed to normoglycemic and hyperglycemic conditions

From: Epigenetic mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

MiRs Expression levels mRNA targets Cell types Refs miR classification
Diabetic retinopathy  
miR-146a Down Fibronectin HUVECs [103] I, A, O
miR-146b-3p Down ADA2 Vitreous of diabetes patients, macrophages [79] O
miR-200b Down VEGF HUVEC [104] O, A
miR-195 Up SIRT1 HRECs, HMECs [105] A, O
Diabetic nephropathy  
miR-192 Up ZEB 1/2 Glomeruli from renal biopsies [106] O
miR-377 Up Pak1, Sod1/2 NHMCs [107] O, A
miR-29a/b/c Down Col1, Col4 h. conditionally immortalized podocyte [108] O
miR-21 Up PTEN, RAS40 hMCs [91] O, I, A
  Up TIMP3 human kidney biopsy [92]  
miR-155 Up   h. kidney biopsy, HRGECs [109] I, O, A
miR-146a Up   h. kidney biopsy, HRGECs [109] I, A, O
miR-215 Down SIP1/ZEB2 h. conditionally immortalized podocytes [110] O
miR-135a Up TRPC1 kidney tissues, HMC [111] O
Macrovascular diabetic complications  
miR-16 Down Cox-2 THP-1 monocytes [112] O
miR-503 Up Ccne1-Cdc25A HUVEC, HMVEC [102] O, A
miR-133 Down Rho-A, Cdc42 h. embryos/fetuses cardiac cells [113] I, A
miR-223 Up Glut4 Left ventricular biopsies [114] I, O, A
miR-221 Up C-kit HUVEC [115] O, A
miR-492 Down Resistin HUVEC [116] O, A
  1. H, human; HMC, immortalized human mesangial cell; HRECs, HMECs, human retinal and dermal microvascular endothelial cells; HRGECs, human renal glomerular endothelial cells; NHMCs, normal human mesangial cells. I, inflammamiRs; O, oncomiRs; A, angiomiRs. This classification is based on the amount of relative literature, and some miRNAs can be classified in more than one group