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Table 1 Circulating miRs differentially expressed in T2DM patients and healthy subjects

From: Epigenetic mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

Circulating miRs Expression in T2DM patients vs. CTR Sample type Refs miR classification
let-7a Down Plasma [96] O
let-7f Down Plasma [96] O
let-7i Down serum [97] O
miR-124a Up serum [98] I
miR-125b Down Plasma [85] O, I
miR-126 Down Plasma [85] A, I, O
  Down Plasma [99]  
  Down Plasma [83]  
miR-130b Down Plasma [85] O
miR-140-5p Up Plasma [85]  
miR-142-3p Up Plasma [85] I, O
miR-144 Up Peripheral blood [74] O, I
miR-146a Up Serum [98] I, A, O
  Up Plasma [76]  
  Down Serum [97]  
  Down Peripheral blood [74]  
  Down Serum [75]  
miR-150 Up Peripheral blood [74] I, A, O
miR-15a Down Plasma [83] O
miR-182 Down Peripheral blood [74] O
miR-186 Down Serum [97] O
miR-191 Down Serum [97] O
  Down Plasma [83]  
miR-192 Down Plasma [85] O
  Down Serum [97]  
  Up Peripheral blood [74]  
miR-195 Down Plasma [85] A, O
miR-197 Down Plasma [83] O
miR-199a Up Plasma [100] O
miR-20b Down Plasma [83] A, O
miR-21 Down Plasma [83] O, I, A
miR-222 Up Plasma [85] O, A
miR-223 Down Plasma [83] I, O, A
miR-23a Down Serum [97] O
miR-24 Down Plasma [83] O, I
miR-28-3p Up Plasma [83]  
miR-29a Up Serum [98] O
  Up Peripheral blood [74]  
miR-29b Down Plasma [83] O
miR-30d Up serum [98] O
miR-320a Down Plasma [83] O
  Up Peripheral blood [74]  
miR-326 Up Plasma [96] O
miR-34a Up Serum [98] O, A, I
miR-375 Up Serum [98] O
miR-423-5p Down Plasma [85]  
miR-486 Down Serum [97] O
  Down Plasma [83]  
miR-503 Down serum [101] O, A
  Up Plasma [102]  
miR-532-5p Down Plasma [85]  
miR-9 Up Serum [98] O
miR-96 Down Serum [97] O
  1. CTR, healthy control subjects; I, inflammamiRs; O, oncomiRs; A, angiomiRs. This classification is based on the amount of relative literature, and some miRNAs can be classified in more than one group