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Figure 2

From: Genome-wide methylation and transcriptome analysis in penile carcinoma: uncovering new molecular markers

Figure 2

Circular plot and correlation graphics. (A) Circular representation of the genes with inverse correlation between gene expression and methylation. Fifty-four hypermethylated/underexpressed genes are shown. The tracks on the outside represent (1) genes, (2) chromosomes, (3) gene expression, and (4) methylation. (B) Graphic representation of gene expression, methylation, and Spearman correlation for the SOX17, RSPO2, CD133, and HOXA3 genes. First column - relative gene expression levels by quantitative RT-PCR; second column - methylation levels by pyrosequencing; third column - Spearman correlation. NG: normal glans; SNT: surrounding non-malignant tissue; PeCa: penile carcinoma; NS: not significant; *: P value ≤0.05.

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