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Figure 2

From: MicroRNA-375 plays a dual role in prostate carcinogenesis

Figure 2

Expression of has-mir-375 is increased in prostate cancer and associates with lymph node stage in patients from TCGA. (A) miR-375 expression (TCGA miRNAseq RPKM level 3 value) was evaluated in 50 tumor and matched normal samples of prostate adenocarcinoma patients from TCGA. All tumor samples presented overexpression comparing to their matched normal samples (***P < 0.0001). (B) The expression of hsa-mir-375 (TCGA miRNAseq RPKM level 3 value) was assessed in 177 prostate adenocarcinoma patients from TCGA with lymph node stage information available. Patients in the N1 lymph node stage presented significantly higher expression of hsa-mir-375 than patients in the N0 stage.

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