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Table 3 The association of log-transformed urine phthalate levels and standardized regression coefficients βeta for TNFα methylation

From: Effects of phthalate exposure on asthma may be mediated through alterations in DNA methylation

Urine phthalate metabolites b Ln-MEP P value Ln-MBP P value Ln-MBzP P value Ln-5OH-MEHP P value
TNFα (Met%)
Crude β −0.009 0.887 −0.057 0.367 −0.154 0.014* −0.175 0.005*
Adjusted β a −0.045 0.508 −0.044 0.534 −0.144 0.032* −0.138 0.040*
  1. MEP, monoethyl phthalate; MBP, monobutyl phthalate; MBzP, monobenzyl phthalate; 5OH-MEHP, mono(2-ethyl-5-hydroxyhexyl)phthalate; Met%, methylation percentage. aAdjustment for urine creatinine, white blood cell proportion, gender, age, maternal education, and environmental tobacco smoke exposure; bThe main urine phthalate metabolite levels measured in this study included MEP, MBP, MBzP, and 5OH-MEHP.*P < 0.05.