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Table 1 The clinical and laboratory characteristics of SSc patients

From: Hypomethylation and overexpression of ITGAL (CD11a) in CD4+ T cells in systemic sclerosis

Patients/Age/Sex SSc subtype Disease duration Clinical features Current treatment ANA type MRTSS SDAI
1/52/F lcSSc 2 years A, B, R Prednisone, 10 mg/day Nucleolar 26 3.5
2/45/M dcSSc 2.5 years A, E Prednisone, 12.5 mg/day Anti-Scl70 33 4
3/43/F lcSSc 3.5 years E, M, R None ACA 22 2
4/45/M dcSSc 2.5 years M, PF, R Chinese herbal medicines Anti-RNP 25 3
5/32/F dcSSc 0.5 years C, R None Anti-Scl70 14 2
6/46/F dcSSc 1 years C, E, R Prednisone, 7.5 mg/day Nucleolar 39 3.5
7/49/F lcSSc 2.5 years A, PF, R Methylprednisone, 8 mg/day Nucleolar 28 4.5
8/44/M dcSSc 2 years A, E Methylprednisone, 4 mg/d Anti-PM-1 18 2
9/47/M dcSSc 2 years A, B, PF, R Chinese herbal medicines Anti-Scl70 29 5
10/37/F dcSSc 3 years A, B, E, PHT, R Prednisone, 12.5 mg/day Anti-Scl70 45 9
11/39/M lcSSc 1.5 years E, R None none 21 2
12/41/F lcSSc 2 years A, B, E Prednisone, 15 mg/day ACA 27 3.5
13/57/F dcSSc 2 years A, E, PF, R Prednisone, 12.5 mg/day ACA 40 6
14/43/M dcSSc 2 years E, PF, R None ACA 36 3
15/35/F dcSSc 0.5 years C, E, R Prednisone, 7.5 mg/day ACA 22 3
16/36/M lcSSc 2 years C, M, R None ACA 19 2.5
17/40/F dcSSc 3 years A, E, R Chinese herbal medicines Anti-RNP 22 4
18/39/M dcSSc 2.5 years A, E, M, R None Nucleolar 27 6
  1. F, Female; M, Male; dcSSc, Diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis; lcSSc, Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis; A, Arthritis; C, Calcinosis; B, Bowel involvement; E, Esophageal involvement; M, Myositis; PF, Pulmonary fibrosis; PHT, Pulmonary hypertension; R, Reynaud’s phenomenon; ACA, Anticentromere antibodies; MRTSS, Modified Rodnan total skin score; SDAI, Valentini scleroderma disease activity index; ANA type, Anti-nuclear antibodies type; Anti-Scl70, Anti-DNA-topoisomerase I antibodies; Anti-RNP, Anti = nuclear ribonucleic acid protein atibodies; Anti-PM-1, Anti-polymyositis-1 antibodies.