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Figure 5

From: Hypomethylation and overexpression of ITGAL (CD11a) in CD4+ T cells in systemic sclerosis

Figure 5

CD11a overexpressed on CD4+T cells induced COL1A2 mRNA expression by normal fibroblasts. (A) Significant increases in COL1A2 mRNA expression were observed in normal fibroblasts co-cultured with CD4+ T cells from SSc patients (n =5) than in normal controls (n =5). (B) There was also a significant increase of COL1A2 mRNA expression in normal fibroblasts co-cultured with 5-azaC-treated CD4+ T cells (n =5) relative to untreated CD4+ T cells (n =5). (A and B) The anti-CD11a mAb markedly reduced COL1A2 mRNA transcription in normal fibroblasts stimulated by SSc CD4+ T cells and 5-azaC-treated CD4+ T cells, but its control, IgG, did not.

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