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Table 5 Log-linear models of interaction between genetic variants (rs434645 and rs422628) with DNA methylation of cg17124583 in the GATA3 gene on the prevalence of asthma at 18 years a

From: Oral contraceptives modify the effect of GATA3 polymorphisms on the risk of asthma at the age of 18 years via DNA methylation

Single nucleotide and CpG site Genotype Estimateb(log RR) 95% CI of log RR P value
Model for rs434645:
cg17124583   -20.31   
rs434645 AA and AG -1.19 -2.61, 0.23 0.10
GG Reference   
cg17124583 × rs434645 AA and AG 32.77 7.36, 58.17 0.01
GG Reference   
Model for rs422628:
rs422628 GG -0.35 -3.58, 2.89 0.83
AG -1.91 -3.41, -0.41 0.01
AA Reference   
cg17124583 × rs422628 GG -8.62 -71.11, 53.86 0.79
AG 36.41 10.67, 62.14 0.006
AA Reference   
  1. aAdjusted for socioeconomic status, maternal smoking during pregnancy, smoking at age 18, and BMI at age 18.
  2. bThe estimate needs to be exponentiated to calculate the risk ratio. In addition, to estimate the risk ratio due to the interaction, we need to take the two main effects and the interaction effect into account. The information is provided in Figure 3.