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Table 3 Genotype distribution as listed in the NCBI database compared to data obtained in this study

From: DNMT1 genetic polymorphisms affect breast cancer risk in the central European Caucasian population

SNP Number of samples (NCBI data) Number of samples (study results) Wildtype (NCBI data) Wildtype (study results) Heterozygote (NCBI data) Heterozygote (study results) Variant (NCBI data) Variant (study results)
DNMT1 SNP 226 221a 88.50% 87.3%a 11.50% 12.7%a 5.80% 0%a
(A201G, rs2228612)   221b   81.4%b   15.8%b   2.7%b
DNMT3A SNP 74 221a 97.30% 100%a 2.70% 0%a 1.40% 0%a
(G301C, rs34843713)   221b   100%b   0%b   0%b
DNMT3A SNP 68 221a 97.10% 100%a 2.90% 0%a 1.50% 0%a
(G301A, rs34191084)   221b   100%b   0%b   0%b
DNMT3B SNP 120 221a 75% 69.7%a 25% 28%a 12.50% 2.3%a
(C501T, rs406193)   221b   77.8%b   20.8%b   1.4%b
DNMT3B SNP 74 221a 97.30% 100%a 2.70% 0%a 1.40% 0%a
(G301A, rs35846833)   221b   100%b   0%b   0%b
  1. aResults of cases; bresults of controls. NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information.