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Figure 3

From: BRAF mutation-specific promoter methylation of FOX genes in colorectal cancer

Figure 3

Tumor hypermethylation of FOXB2 and FOXF1.(A, B) Bisulfite sequence results for 12 BRAF wildtype tumors and 8 BRAF mutant tumors, separated by the horizontal red line. Schematic display of the BSA region with CpG locations therein shown on top (blue). Sample IDs are given on the 5' end of the BSA region. Each circle depicts a CpG. Color code: gray = ND, white = 0% to 20%, yellow = 20% to 40%, orange = 40% to 60%, red > 60% methylation. (C) Boxplot showing average methylation percentage over all detected CpGs in BRAF wildtype and BRAFV600E tumors for FOXB2 (left) and FOXF1 (right). The box indicates the 25 and 75 percentiles, with the median shown in bold. Upper and lower outliers are shown as red and purple asterisks, respectively. (D) Schematic display of FOXB2 (top) and FOXF1 (bottom) loci depicting the location of the BSA regions in relation to MseI fragments detected on the Agilent array (significant fragments marked red, not significant as black). CpG islands are shown in green, and the BSA region is shown in blue.

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