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Figure 7

From: Putative molecular mechanism underlying sperm chromatin remodelling is regulated by reproductive hormones

Figure 7

Representative electrophoretogram of rat testis showing bands of ubiquitylated histones and enzymatic molecules implicated in histone ubiquitination during chromatin remodelling. (A) H2AUb. (B) H2BUb. (C) UbHistones probed with Ubiquitin antibody. (D) UbHistones probed with FK1 antibody. (E) UBE1. (F) UBE2D2. (G) URE-B1/E3. (H) GC3α. (I) Proα1. (J) Proα5. (K) Proα7. Lane M: Rainbow markers. Lane F: FD-treated samples. Lane C: Control samples. Lane P: CPA-treated samples. Lane N: Negative controls. L: HeLa cell lysate (Positive control).

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