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Table 1 Changes in S100 gene methylation and expression in cancer

From: Epigenetic regulation of S100 protein expression

S100 protein Cell/tissue S100 protein expression Gene region examined Methylation (cancer vs. control) Reference
S100A2 Breast cancer cell lines and biopsies Proximal promoter Upstream promoter 1st intron Wicki et al. 1997;
No change
No change
Prostate cancer cell lines and tissues Proximal promoter No change Rehman et al. 2005;
Non-small lung cancer cell lines 1st intron Feng et al. 2001;
Head and neck cancer lymph metastases 1st intron Zhang et al. 2007;
S100A4 Rat mammary cancer cell lines 1st intron, TATA box region Chen et al. 1999;
Upstream promoter No change
Colon adenocarcinoma cell lines 1st intron Nakamura et al. 1998;
Upstream promoter No change
Downstream region No change
Pancreatic cancer cell lines 1st intron Rosty et al. 2002;
Endometrium grade III tumors and cell lines 1st intron Xie et al. 2007;
Medulloblastoma tissue and cell lines 1st intron Lindsey et al. 2007;
Epidermal cancer cell lines and squamous cell carcinoma 1st intron Li et al. 2009
S100A6 Prostate cancer tissue and cell lines Promoter/1st exon Rehman et al. 2005;
Medulloblastoma cell lines Promoter/1st exon Lindsey et al. 2007;
Medulloblastomas Promoter/1st exon No change Anderton et al. 2008
Gastric cancer tissue 1st intron/2nd exon Wang et al. 2010;
S100A10 Primary human pituitary tumors Proximal promoter Dudley et al. 2008;
Medulloblastoma tissue and cell lines Proximal promoter Lindsey et al. 2007; Anderton et al. 2008
S100P Primary pancreatic adenocarcinomas Promoter/1st exon Sato et al. 2004;
Prostate cancer cell lines Promoter/1st exon Wang et al. 2007
  1. increase, decrease