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Table 2 Overview over histone deacetylase inhibitors and their properties cited in this review

From: Targeting the epigenome: effects of epigenetic treatment strategies on genomic stability in healthy human cells

HDAC-inhibitor Full name Synonyms/brand names Chemical class Substrate Clinical trials Number of clinical trialsa (A = active, NA = not active)
AN-1 Butyroyloxymethyl butyrate   Short-chain fatty acid N/A
AN-9 Pivaloylomethyl butyrate Pivanex® Short-chain fatty acid N/A Phase I, II (CLL, MM, NSCLC) n = 3 (NA 3)
NaB Sodium-butyrate   Short-chain fatty acid Class I, IIa
PB Phenylbutyrate   Short-chain fatty acid Class I, IIa Phase I, II (AML, MDS, NSCLC, colorectal cancer) n = 9 (NA 9)
VA Valproic acid Depakote®, Convulex®, Orfiril®, Stavzor® Short-chain fatty acid Class I Phase I, II (hematologic neoplasias, solid tumours) n = 45b (A 23, NA 22)
AAHA Azelaic-1-hydroxamate-9-anilide   Hydroxamate N/A
ABHA Azelaic bishydroxamic acid   Hydroxamate N/A
CBHA m-Carboxycinnamic acid bis-hydroxamide   Hydroxamate N/A
PCI-24781    Hydroxamate Class I, IIb Phase I, II (hematologic neoplasias, sarcoma) n = 5 (A 2, NA 3)
SAHA Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid Vorinostat®, Zolinza® Hydroxamate Class I, IIa, b Phase I, II, III (hematologic neoplasias, solid tumours) n = 159 (A 78, NA 81)
SBHA Suberic bishydroxamate   Hydroxamate N/A
TSA Trichostatine A   Hydroxamate Class I, IIa, b
MS275   SNDX-275, Etinostat Benzamide Class I, IIa Phase I, II (hematologic neoplasias/solid tumours) n = 9 (A 3, NA 6)
  1. Some data obtained from (Eot-Houllier et al. 2009; Rasheed et al. 2007; Witt et al. 2009)
  2. Abbreviations: AML acute myeloid leukaemia, CLL chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, MM malignant melanoma, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, MDS myelodysplastic syndrome
  3. aAs listed on
  4. bOnly studies in which drug was used alone or in combination for treatment of neoplasias were included