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Table 2 Role of HDACs in viral infections

From: Histone deacetylases in viral infections



Molecular mechanism

Clinical effect


DNA viruses


HDAC1, 2

HBx forms a multiprotein complex HDAC1/2, MTA1, HIF-1

Angiogenesis and metastasis of HBV-associated HCC

Semenza 2004; Yoo et al. 2008



HDAC3 represses the HCMV MIEP

Repression of viral replication

Meier 2001; Murphy et al. 2002



HDAC represses viral transcription during latency via HCF-1. ICP0 inhibits the HDAC1/CoREST complex and favor the HSV reactivation

Control of HSV-1 latency and reactivation in neurons

Wysocka et al. 2003, Everett et al. 2009


HDAC1, 2, 7

Histone deacetylation in response to phosphorylated MEF-2D transcription factor. HDAC7 represses the Zp promoter. HDAC1/2 represses the TRF2 promoter binding

Control of EBV latency

Gruffat et al. 2002; Bryant and Farrell 2002; Zhou et al. 2009



E7 viral oncoprotein disrupts the Rb/E2F/HDAC1 repressor complexes and favors cdc25A transcription. E7 binds HDAC and favor E2F2 transcription in keratinocytes. E7 recruits HDAC and blocks the IRF-1 transactivation function, a tumor suppressor

E7 HPV favors carcinogenesis through binding to cellular factors involved in cell cycle regulation and differentiation

Nguyen et al. 2002; Longworth & Laimins 2004; Park et al. 2000

RNA viruses



HDAC favors the expression of HIF, a hepcidin regulator

HCV-induced oxidative stress suppresses hepcidin expression

Miura et al. 2008


HDAC class I & class II & class III

HDAC represses the HIV-1 LTR transcription through the formation of inhibitory complexes including HDACs and several transcription factors and repressor proteins. HIV-1 virion-associated HDAC1 could favor early post-entry events. SIRT1 regulates HIV transcription via Tat deacetylation

Formation of HIV cellular reservoirs in both myeloid and lymphoid cells resulting in viral persistence

Van Lint et al. 1996, Coull et al. 2000, Williams et al. 2006, Marban et al. 2005, Marban et al. 2007, Rohr et al. 2003; Reuse et al. 2009; Imai & Okamoto 2006; Jiang et al. 2007; Sorin et al. 2009; Pagans et al. 2005; Kwon et al. 2008; Zhang et al. 2009



HDAC1 associates with STAT1 and Bcl-3 on the IL-8 promoter

Decreased IL-8 production during airway inflammation to favor RSV replication

Jamaluddin et al. 2005