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Table 1 HDAC classification depending on sequence identity and domain organization

From: Histone deacetylases in viral infections

Histone classes Members Localization Target proteins (partial list)
Class I HDAC1 Nucleus AR, p53, E2F-1, SHP, STAT3, MyoD
HDAC2 Nucleus STAT3, Bcl6, glucocorticoid receptor GATA-1, STAT-3,SHP, RelA, YY-1
HDAC3 Nucleus/cytoplasm
HDAC8 Nucleus
Class II HDAC4 Nucleus/cytoplasm GCMa, GATA-1, HP-1
HDAC5 Nucleus/cytoplasm GCMa, Smad7, HP-1
HDAC6 Mostly cytoplasm HSP70, Smad7, SHP, α-tubulin
HDAC7 Nucleus/cytoplasm PLAG1, PLAG2
HDAC9 Nucleus/cytoplasm
HDAC10 Mostly cytoplasm
Class III SIRT1 Nucleus NF-κB, p53, FOXO
SIRT2 Cytoplasm α-tubulin, H4
SIRT3 Nucleus/mitochondria Acetyl–CoA synthetases
SIRT4 Mitochondria Glutamate dehydrogenate
SIRT5 Mitochondria
SIRT6 Nucleus DNA polymerase B
SIRT7 Nucleus RNA polymerase 1
Class IV HDAC11 Nucleus/cytoplasm