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Table 1 Tumor suppressor and oncogenic miRNAs and their target genes: The biological role of individual miRNA is correlated to the function of its target gene. IRS insulin receptor substrate-1 (oncogene), AT1R angiotensin II type 1 receptor, which is responsible for the activity of the main effector hormone, LATS2 serine/threonine-protein kinase (which is involved in P53 function), HES1 hairy and enhancer of split (tumor suppressor), E2F1 transcription factor (plays a crucial role in the control of cell cycle and action of tumor suppressor proteins)

From: Challenge and promise: the role of miRNA for pathogenesis and progression of malignant melanoma

Tumour suppressor miRNA Target gene Reference Oncogenic miRNA Target gene Reference
Let-7 oncogeneRAS Lujambio et al. 2008 miR-372 P53 Ma et al. 2007
miR-17-5p c-Myc Ma et al. 2007 miR-373 LATS2 Lujambio et al. 2008
miR-20a c-Myc Ma et al. 2007 miR-155 AT1R Lujambio et al. 2008
miR-126 IRS-1 Saito et al. 2009 miR-9-1 HES1 Ma et al. 2007
miR-15a BCL-2 Lujambio et al. 2008 miR-17-92 E2F1 Liu et al. 2008
miR-16 BCL-2 Lujambio et al. 2008 miR-221 P27 Rigel and Carucci 2000